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You have just landed on the most comprehensive website on the internet regarding alarm systems!  As a result you WILL learn everything you need to know if you're considering an alarm or security system installation.

There are many websites claiming to provide information on alarm or security systems for folks doing research. Typically they provide some very basic information but their main goal is to get your name and phone number so they can sell that "lead" to numerous security companies that will pester you to death!

Other websites just host links to a dozen or more alarm companies and earn revenue when you click one of the links. In both scenarios no substantial information is ever provided.

Typing into Yahoo or Google's search engine "how to buy an alarm system" will reveal a few websites with claims of "insider information" or tips on equipment, design and monitoring or other advice an intelligent person should already know or could easily research on the internet.



We understand that the average person when deciding to research an alarm system for their home, apartment or business are faced with a myriad of questions from what company to use, to what kind of system to have installed, to how to get the BEST PRICE as well as many other questions concerning the entire process.

At we have two of the most comprehensive reports ever written about Alarm systems; a.k.a. Home Security Systems;    © 2015 "The Real Truth, Benefit, and Design Of Alarm Systems" and our all inclusive   © 2015 "Alarm Systems Frequently Asked Questions". 

The information is provided by a 40 year veteran of the alarm industry who will disclose all the "secrets" "tricks of the trade" and other valuable information that are so guarded by alarm companies.

These reports are copyrighted and trademarked and will thoroughly educate you on EVERY facet regarding alarm (security) systems.

If you're thinking, "Oh sure, just some common knowledge that anyone can find on-line", once you receive our reports you'll quickly abandon that assumption!

Many if not most of the important elements in these reports have never been put to print and are unequivocally not found on-line at any website.

You will be provided with more information about the entire industry than anyone has ever compiled or has been willing to divulge before. We also GUARANTEE you will not find this information in print or anywhere on the internet.

No salesperson, installer or representative of any alarm company will volunteer or provide customers with all the information contained in our reports. Additionally many aspects of the reports contain information that sales people and installers have NO knowledge of!  Lastly the industry as a whole would also unequivocally not embrace releasing all this information to the consumer. There are many aspects of the industry that quite frankly they would prefer you do not know.

This information is essential for anyone that is researching or thinking of having an alarm system, a.k.a. security system installed.


Because they are the largest installer of alarm systems in the United States, ADT and their authorized dealer program will be dissected and explained FROM "A to Z". 

It is important to mention that our information is NOT limited to just ADT, but covers all aspects of the alarm industry which will assist you regardless of what company you may decide to do business with.

There are many authorized dealer programs representing national alarm companies offering FREE alarm installations or $99 installations.  These offers will be fully explained in contrast to what little information they actually provide.

Monitoring alarm contracts that require "a Philadelphia lawyer" to understand will be FULLY EXPLAINED which includes all that "fine print" sales people never disclose and most customers never read.  Not fully understanding what you are signing can affect your credit score for years.

Learn the CORRECT WAY to design an alarm system and not be persuaded by sales people or installers motivated only by commissions or sadly pressured by management to install "quick" or less than adequate systems.  This includes being able to recognize what will be "shoddy" or "short cuts" involving your installation.

Learn the difference between hard wired and wireless components, as well as when and where they should be utilized

Learn the complete functionality of ALL alarm components, including when, where and how they should be installed.

Learn how pets affect an alarm installation.

Learn why your own "local" smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors are dangerously inadequate to protect you and your family.

Learn little known techniques (complete with pictures) on how to correctly "contact" exterior storm doors, especially deck doors, sliding doors and "French" doors.

These little known and overlooked techniques or "tricks of the trade" can save you hundreds of dollars in potential damage IF a thief were to even attempt to break into your home!  Sadly MOST experienced alarm installers do NOT even know these techniques.

If your home or business has an existing alarm system or even some components, regardless what the alarm company tells you, you'll learn whether or not they can be "taken over" and utilized saving you money on installation costs.

Additionally because no two people pay the same price for a new car, you will learn the "ROCK BOTTOM" PRICE you should and CAN pay for an alarm system.

Learn the "Pro's & Con's of installing an outside siren. The psychology behind this that even sales people and installers don't understand!

You will know more about the correct design and installation procedures than any representative or installer.

Learn the real truth about monitoring, how it actually works and what you can really expect.

Learn everything about "land line" and cellular monitoring and what you can expect to pay.

Learn the truth about non monitored alarm systems, a.k.a. "local alarm" and how installing one of these can have disastrous results for your property and more importantly your family.

If you decide to have a system installed once you have read and absorbed these two reports; You will have the comfort level of dealing with the alarm company on an "even playing field".  

As a final result you'll be confident that you'll get the BEST alarm system, installed CORRECLTY by the BEST Company, monitored by the BEST network of central stations at the BEST DEAL you could possibly achieve.





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